What is your initial reaction to a  stranger walking up to you? A stranger that you do not find remotely attractive, and is about 3x your age.

Do you walk away discreetly? Do you offer the classic nod and smile? What about the used too often fake cell-phone pick-up? 

Although these scenarios may work 99.9% of the time – no one ever offers a contingency plan for when you are in a boxed off area where the exit escape route is nowhere in sight.

This was me, in a medium sized book store at the Denver airport.

I anticipated the man’s approach (who I later learned was named Earl – the manager of the store). His appearance was just slightly less appalling. Similar to someone who had not showered in 3 weeks. 

He approached and shared a simple “HELLO” followed by “are you finding everything OK?”

I quickly replied with a “just browsing, thanks.” In the first few moments of silence, he didn’t move a muscle. 

We stood there, together, side by side. And, with each book I browsed, he leaned over to once again (in silence), let me know he was there to help. 

I decided to use Earl to my full advantage as I was looking for a specific book that had been sold out at all Canadian book store. Earl didn’t have the book either.

I was about to take this opportunity to walk away, but Earl did not want our interaction to end. He continued with some small-talk and asked me what I was doing in Denver.

As a side note – the experience of Denver ignited the concept for metfor10. It was a trip taken on chance, and based on a romance-with-potential – turned-fling-with-heart break.

There was a short-lived climax, and a lot of reflection… a lot of meaning making.

Though that story is for another day,  what you need to know for this blog, is that being in Denver truly aided in self-discovery. It compelled me to write – to see and to document situations as they unfold. 

After it was clear Earl wasn’t going anywhere, I began to tell him my understanding behind Denver and WHY it ended the way it did. 

Earl asked me if I have heard of a theory called Astrocartography. I had not.

Earl studied the concept, and attempted to explain Astrocartography very simply for this newbie.

Astrocartography defined: the study of planets like one would study a map. Based on the alignment of each planet, similar to how a horoscope reads, it suggests that the places you are living and the location you work in, may or may not be the best location for you. When you understand what the best locations are for yourself, you will live happier and be more fulfilled.

Although grateful for this new definition to take home with me – Earl’s odor was too off-putting to continue. And so I said “thank you for that new knowledge” and walked away.

When I got home, I turned on my computer and typed in Astrocartography. It existed. It was a thing! 

I am still not sure how much I fully believe in this. I think you have to study it in depth to truly understand. Maybe it is something that I’ll get to a bit later, in any case, this new concept (from what I understand of it) actually helped me in making sense of my Colorado adventure, and I’m happy it did.

Even before I met Earl I had this urge to go abroad for a few years, with my heart and eyes set on London England. Never being to England – it was interesting to think that maybe this is one of the locations that are better suited for me? Colorado was I’m sure, if only for a moment. It was one of those places where I was able to learn a lot about myself.

And so, Earl – this person I met once for 20 minutes (Earl was a talker), whom I normally would just pass by, impacted my life. If only a little.

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