3 weeks ago, I was told that I should read a book.

That book led me
to this very interesting (yet somewhat hard to follow) dialogue with a friend…

Me to Friend 

I just read this excerpt from an interesting book … thoughts?

“Life is a process of creation or reaction. The soul creates, the mind reacts. The soul understands what the mind cannot conceive. Stop trying to figure out what is best for you – how you can win the most, lose the least, and get what you want. Start [instead] by going with what feels like who you are. Your feelings are truth. What is best for you, is what is true for you. To change a response to anything, is to be in the present moment (the moment that was what it was before you had a thought about it) In other words, be.here.now! Not in the past. Not in the future. The past and future exist only in thought. The present moment is the only reality – stay there.” – Neale Donald Walsch

Friend to Me 

The part that says “the moment that was what it was before you had a thought about it” … I like this.  Go with feelings … that would be a great experiment! Feel first, make judgments second.

Me to Friend 

I think the goal is to get to a true feeling; not a feeling that was tarnished with previous thoughts about it. Like, if you see a homeless person on the street – you first think, I want to give him $59 dollars. You pause and say hmm, I actually may need that later, so I’ll give nothing. That’s not how you feel. That was an initial feeling tainted by a thought (that’s how they explain it in the book at least)

Friend to Me 

OK… that makes sense. So a “clean feeling” is a message from the soul and your intuition. And, the only way to access that is to have it come from an untainted space where the mind was fully present?

Me to Friend 

Exactly. Kind of. You first have to distinguish your truth and then “feel” from that place. Sometimes a “feeling” can trick you if it comes from the mind and not from the soul. Feelings that came from a past experience or judgement. That wouldn’t be true feelings.

Friend to Me 

So, how is best to differentiate between a true and tricked feeling?

Me to Friend 

[in the book] they call it “being out of your mind” as in – know your truth. Spend the time to really “soul search.” From there, you’ll know what comes from your mind and what comes from your soul. You won’t be reacting – you will be doing everything from the place of who you are.

I think what its getting at, is the more you can be present and consciously act different then you normally would – that’s a step in the right direction. Just some food for thought!

Friend to Me 

So maybe it’s making a daily practice out of getting to that state that allows you to be “out of your mind.” Sounds like being on drugs. lol

Me to Friend 

Maybe being “out of your mind” can be as simple as taking a deep breath before you react and trusting your honest feelings. I think if you did that, it would be hard to react as you normally would have based on ego/fear/previous experiences.

Friend to Me 

Yea exactly … it would take some practice to truly let go, and then accept whatever came up and trust it. Maybe there is something to that saying “take 3 deep breaths.”

Me to Friend 

Yea, maybe! Secretly loving that I have a friend willing to entertain these conversations. Good night !! xx 

If you were able/willing to follow the above conversation, and get here (to the bottom of the blog) Congrats! Below are the 4 key-takeaways I jotted down from the book excerpt: 

1. Stop trying to figure out what is best for you – instead, take the time to understand what is TRUE for you
2.Take the time to “get out of your mind”
3. Trust your feelings – not your thoughts about those feelings
4. Be.Here.Now!

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