Harnessing Inner Wisdom for Growth

April 27th, 2018 maxie 2 , , Growth, Inspiration

Most of my writings speak about wisdom that develops from the insights others share. This blog, however, is about inner wisdom. It is about how time spent with yourself (even just 10 minutes) can help you get unstuck, and focus on what the next best step is.

For me, these personal words of wisdom happen through the practice of writing. And, as I sat in a coffee shop the other day – contemplating – what’s next – I started to write.

This year is about letting go of expectations, giving up control, and experiencing things with love and gratitude. It’s about thinking and being positive. TRUST, LOVE, and LIVING life to the fullest every day.

Gratitude, is my theme for the year. This means, being intentional in recognizing all I have, and looking at perceived obstacles with a grateful lens.

This theme differed from last year. Last year was about being still in chaos, and giving things time to grow. That mantra and theme helped me develop solid relationships, and enabled me to meet and exceed targets at work. Now that I have these solid foundations – its about appreciating them.

My inner voice also reminded me that metfor10 is important. When I write, I grow.  So please, whoever is reading this, hold me accountable for this initiative and blog. Metfor10 allows me to reflect through the written word, and through chance-encounters with others. It also (hopefully) helps inspire readers to take time and listen to the worlds’ cues that are all around.

Inner wisdom is an important and powerful tool to help navigate the world. To access it, is about learning to separate your logical mind from your inner child that knows best. It’s about listening and leaping. Making this discovery is a necessity for growth, health and happiness.

I would love to hear how your inner wisdom has helped you navigate to your next step.

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  1. April says:

    Well written! Isn’t it interesting that our inner wisdom can silence our inner critic as well? We need to keep working towards accessing our inner wisdom to grow into our full potential, rather than be distracted by negative voices.

    Thank you for this post. Keep on writing!

    • maxie says:

      Hi April,

      Apologies for the delayed reply! Thank you for your note and encouragement.
      And, thank you for reading!

      – Maxie

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