From Dark To Light

This encounter is a result of several meetings over several years. And, just now I am seeing the connection; all those little reminders, packaged into meaning that I am so happy to share with you.
The theme ‘darkness to light’ has been following me since… I was born.

Reminder 1 (reminder at birth): My Hebrew name Meira literally means “to bring light into darkness.”

Reminder 2 (reminder from abroad): Years back, I stumbled upon a shop in London England that had a wall full of hundreds of colours. I later found out these were equilibrium bottles called Aura Soma.

Each colour has a specific meaning. The colour you are drawn to represents who you are, and your true purpose in life. The women who worked at the shop mentioned that the colour I picked is a very deep form of magenta that looks almost black. And, only with a light source can you see its true colour. In other words, this bottle represented the reminder to bring light into darkness.

Reminder 3 (reminder at work): Recently, a colleague shared in a meeting that her purpose in life is to “bring light into darkness.” Yes, she said those exact words! Until that moment, I had forgotten how significant that sentence was for me. And, it wasn’t just what she said, it was how she said it. Her commitment and knowing to her truth was contagious. Her confidence to share was inspiring.

For the last 2 years, I had made a conscious decision to push aside my “energetic” side. The part of me who dabbled in reiki, chakras… and, now that I think about it, even writing to some extent. Energetic to me meant no love, no career progression, and constant transformation, which I interpreted as an always difficult life.

This coworker changed that perspective for me – she is an energetic and spiritual person with an amazing “professional” career, a solid family, and always completely herself.
When she shared her purpose, I thought about that side of me (my light) which I was limiting. When she shared her purpose, I felt it in my bones. Is this a sign? Is this permission from the universe to re-explore that side of me? Can I be both people – professional and spiritual? Do I no longer need to be afraid or embarrassed? I sat in this thought for a while, and … I didn’t take action.

Reminder 4 (another reminder at work): I met up with a man who works in IT at the company I work for. We started at the same time, and met in our onboarding group. We were speaking about names and their meanings. He mentioned that his son’s name is Vivaansh which means first ray of the morning sun, and coincidentally the first ray of light that breaks the darkness in the morning.
I laughed as he said those words. And it brought me to here. To this post. To taking action.

OK universe, now I get it. Now I am listening. And, now I can look back and see all of the reminders you have given me throughout my life.

Reminders show up in our lives on a constant basis. You won’t always know how to piece them together. Nonetheless, when you are presented with these prompts, you will feel it in your bones. It is a feeling that lingers, a feeling that whispers “I should listen to this.” This feels important. It’s hard to write and describe, and when it happens to you, you will know.

I hope this blog can act as a reminder for you. A simple nudge to remind you to listen to those cues and happenings in your life. And, to take action.

If you have a meeting that inspired you, please share it HERE. With permission, I would love to post it.

From my last post till now…

It has been a whirlwind since my last post. I am now married! I have a new job. I’m still living in Vancouver BC – going on +3 years!

It is Thursday morning, and I am sitting my favourite coffee shop near work, drinking an overpriced tea (that I absolutely love), I am inspired to write.

I should note: I started a writing “club.” I write “club” because only one friend shows up, and I am grateful for that, and happy for newcomers! Please get in touch if you are interested in joining.

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