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April 12th, 2019 maxie 0 Growth, Happiness, Inspiration

I am someone who creates meaning from happenings. It is what metfor10 is all about.

I look for signs to point me in the right direction. Positive signs that remind me everything is going to be OK.

I am also someone who creates meaning from the not-so-positive signs. The signs I have never written about. The signs that keep me awake at night. And, I have been left to wonder, which signs do I believe? which meanings do I hang onto?  

I keep looking at this faint line on my hand – my life line. Some would interpret it as long, all the way down and around my hand to below the meaty part of my thumb. I now see two lines sticking out and disrupting the long line that I admired. What once calmed and assured me, is now the cause of constant worry.

What do those lines mean? Sometimes they are faint, and sometimes deep. And, I can’t interpret it. The anxiety is enough to prevent me from being present. This is just one example of many that I am attentive to in my day to day life.

The meeting:

I met a man who explained my conundrum from the perspective of a painting.

He explained that despite what you see (or don’t see), you can create. Rather than analyze every sign and wait for it to happen (or not), you can bring choice into your canvas.

This blog entry is about creating your own story.
“Imagine, a bare canvas in front of you – ready for strokes of possibility, purpose and achievement. Imagine you have the control to create; picking and choosing all the parts available to you in the universe, and creating your own masterpiece” – the man.

My last post was about taking advantage of these signs. And I sit here wondering, was this interaction with the man a contradiction or a helpful reminder? A sign perhaps? Sorry… habit.

What I have come to realize is, this interaction, like all interactions, is a prompt I chose to include into my life’s story. And, as I write this post for all of you to read – it feels right, and I am calmed and assured by that feeling.

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