Hello! I'm Maxie.

Writing is the place where I feel completely safe and confident to share, digest and make sense of the world around me. It flows and it’s freeing, that is the best feeling.

I have been a meaning making machine since I was little.
A friend once used a ketchup packet as an analogy for my meaning making madness. He said, “if the ketchup packet was on the plate a certain way, you would think something of it – you would think there was a reason for it. But sometimes, it’s just a ketchup packet”

Metfor10 is for the moments when a ketchup packet isn’t just.
It started by accident, in a book store, with the store manager named Earl.
Something incredible came from these bump-ins. I realized that rather than teaching me something new, these encounters were reminders of truths I inherently knew. Truths like opportunity is limitless.

When you listen, these reminders elevate your confidence, and give you a better understanding of your authentic self.

I Maxie Friendly pledge to never stop meeting new people, experiencing new places and “saying yes” to new opportunities. I pledge to always encourage and foster confidence, and a better understanding of the self (my-self). 

Hello There!

Maxie Friendly

I am a marketing professional turned recruiter.

AND, self-proclaimed writer.