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Le Artist: Paint Your Own Picture

April 12th, 2019 maxie 0 Growth, Happiness, Inspiration

I am someone who creates meaning from happenings. It is what metfor10 is all about. I look for signs to point me in the right direction. Positive signs that remind me everything is going to be OK. I am also someone who creates meaning from the not-so-positive signs. The signs I have never written about. The […]

From Dark To Light

This encounter is a result of several meetings over several years. And, just now I am seeing the connection; all those little reminders, packaged into meaning that I am so happy to share with you. The theme ‘darkness to light’ has been following me since… I was born. Reminder 1 (reminder at birth): My Hebrew […]

Harnessing Inner Wisdom for Growth

April 27th, 2018 maxie 2 , , Growth, Inspiration

Most of my writings speak about wisdom that develops from the insights others share. This blog, however, is about inner wisdom. It is about how time spent with yourself (even just 10 minutes) can help you get unstuck, and focus on what the next best step is. For me, these personal words of wisdom happen […]


This entry begins with a question – “what is the most effective way one can improve their life?” It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I had an answer. A few simple but life-changing techniques that turn stagnant situations into ones that grow and live. All that is required, is a little bit of […]


Dear that person I met for 10 minutes, You noticed my headlights were on too bright. You  asked me to turn them down. I was halted by fear, “there is a deer ahead!” I replied. I sat un-moving, and those behind me were now also at a standstill. You countered by saying, “it’s a far […]


3 weeks ago, I was told that I should read a book. That book led me to this very interesting (yet somewhat hard to follow) dialogue with a friend… Me to Friend  I just read this excerpt from an interesting book … thoughts? “Life is a process of creation or reaction. The soul creates, the mind […]


September 24th, 2014 maxie 0 , , Happiness, Inspiration

I always thought you could dream something into happening. A true believer in thinking we could find our truth in movement. As long as we keep moving, we will get to where we need to be. I never dreamed we could find truth in stillness. We can all remember a time – that time – […]


September 9th, 2014 maxie 0 , , , Growth, Inspiration

Fall is my favourite season. There is something about the first few weeks that makes me feel like I can accomplish anything. I slip on a tank layered with a light leather jacket to coincide with the crisp yet slightly warm air. I notice the leaves change to a yellowy-red and orange. Leaves that somehow […]


Have you ever felt an urge – an urge so strong you truly and utterly felt it in your bones!? Why is it more times than not, we give into fear, and decide not to feed this impulse. Some of us may not have enough money, others may fear that the this decision could result […]


This entry is for people who like buts.  For the meaning behind this encounter, you might just have to get that head out of yours to see it – pun intended. Sir Mix A Lot said it best, ” I like big butts and I cannot lie…” Through this encounter, I realized that this obsession […]

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